How to guide – flowers for flower girls

There are undoubtedly several things to consider when you are choosing flowers for your flower girls. The first thing is to figure out the exact role which they are going to play at the wedding. Will they be scattering petals as they walk up the aisle? Or are they going to be more of a bridesmaid than a flower girl?

If you have decided that the flower girls are going to scatter petals, then choosing flowers for them is easy; they carry a small, pretty basket and you can fill it with rose petals. Other flowers work well too, but rose petals are definitely the most popular. The baskets are relatively inexpensive to source and can be easily decorated to match the wedding theme; you can decorate them with fresh flowers if you wish, to match the bouquets carried by the other bridesmaids.

However, you do need to check in advance if the venue will allow the throwing of petals along the aisle. Some indoor venues prefer silk petals to real ones, probably because they are easier to clear away. If your wedding is being held outdoors, then the venue may not mind if you use real petals, as they are biodegradable, and nature can take care of the cleaning up!

If the flower girls are going to be the junior bridesmaids of the party, then it may be more appropriate for them to carry a small bouquet. This is usually a scaled-down version of the bouquet carried by the older bridesmaids, particularly if their outfits match those worn by the others. Maybe if you have opted for different outfits for your flower girls, then a slightly different bouquet would be a good choice.

Choose Something Different

Another option is the pompadour ball; these have become extremely popular for flower girls. They are flowers arranged into the shape of a ball, and they are also called kissing balls or bouquet balls. They are suspended from a ribbon, which makes it easy for the flower girl to carry. The number of flowers required to make the balls will vary according to the size, and how tight you want the design to be, and the price of making the balls does differ also.

An alternative to the kissing balls is a floral hoop or heart; these have become very popular too, particularly at rustic weddings. Part of the reason for this undoubted popularity is because they are easy to carry and ideal for flower girls. Why not involve the girls in the decision-making process? They can assist with choosing the flowers, which helps to keep it fun for them and make it a game and encourages them to look forward to the day itself.

The age of your flower girls will also affect the type of flowers which they have. Small posies of flowers may be more appropriate for some girls, particularly if you think that they will just swing the pompadour balls around. They are less likely to swing a posy around. It may also be a good idea to consider if the flower girls should simply wear a small floral headband; these are beautiful when made with fresh flowers, and they could carry silk or beaded bags as an accessory.

No matter which kind of flowers you choose for your flower girls, the perfect choice is out there, and with professionals on hand to help, it will be easy to find just what you need.