How to guide – flowers for brides maid

As you are planning your wedding, you should bear in mind that your bridesmaids are important part of your arrangement. How they dress, the way they look, and the flowers they carry can complete or break your wedding photos. That is why you should be keen on the details of how everything will come together as you walk down the aisle. When it comes to choosing flowers for the bridesmaids, the guide on how to do it includes:

Consider your entire theme

The flowers you choose should complement the overall theme of the wedding. Do not choose a contradicting colour that will make the flowers either look conspicuous or that they do not belong. At the end of the day, your flowers should blend in with the theme so that it looks like a deliberate effort was made to make the arrangement come together.

Consult with the brides

As much as it is your wedding and you want everything to go as per your plans and likes, you should make an effort to consult with the brides on the choice of flowers you intend to use. This will cut out chances of getting flowers that a bridesmaid is allergic to, or any other complications that may arise. Consulting also makes your brides maids feel that they are appreciated and involved in the process.

Know your budget

If you are the one who is catering for everything, then you should know how much you plan to spend on the flowers and other details. Avoid a situation where you have gone for very high-end flowers for your bridesmaids only to realise that your budget allows for few flowers. Have a solid idea of how much you want to spend, and work with florists who are within your budget. You can have a cheap wedding that is not necessarily boring.

Keep in mind the colour and design of their attire

The flowers that your bridesmaids will carry must match the attire they wear. This is because they will be carrying the flowers against their dresses most of the time. You do not want it to look like the flowers are competing with the dress designs, or that they were not thought of during planning.

Go out of tradition

Who said all weddings must have roses, lilies and daisies? You can break the tradition and have your bridesmaids walk down carrying a mix of flowers. Work with a florist or a professional wedding planner who can guide you through the best way of making your flowers stand out.

As you plan your wedding, bear in mind that it is your big day so you should trust what you have in mind and let professionals help you bring it to life.